Dark locs wrap sunglasses

SKU: 8LOC91027-BK-1

$ 11.99

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Locs sunglasses at an unbeatable price. Gloss black wraparound frame with scripted Locs logo and metallic accent on the temples.

Complete your summer look with your very own pair of dark sunglasses. Sunglasses are a basic part of one’s summer wardrobe, as most of your time may very well be spent outdoors. The dark tint offers stronger protection from the sun’s piercing rays. Not only does the dark tint ease the glare of the sun but a darker shade adds mystery and sleek style. A sunny day on the beach or out on the lake, although enjoyable, can cause discomfort to your eyes. As your body rests, your eyes can rest too with a stylish, necessary pair of dark sunglasses.