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New Locs Styles

Always be updated on the latest look and never be left behind with the latest trend on fashion accessory! Does not matter whether you are attending a summer party, an outdoor afternoon event or just a normal day running errands, wearing any of the cool New Arrival Sunglasses is a sure-fire way to catch attention!

 Packed with a new look and stylish concept, the eyewear on this collection comes with both playful and fancy designs that everyone will truly love! Designed to fit you perfectly so that you can move freely without having to keep on adjusting the glasses on your face! Take home any of the New Arrival glasses now!

Frame Color
Frame Color
  • Demi
  • Gold
  • White
Frame Size
Frame Type
Frame Type
  • Skull
  • Wood
  • Folding
Lens Color
Lens Type
Lens Type