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Tinted Colored Locs Lens Sunglasses

Timeless classic sunglasses with modish fashion elements and perfect for those who seek equal parts of performance and style! Imagine walking through the streets and catching eyes with our mesmerizing colored lens sunglasses. These polarized and anti-glare sunglasses help in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, restoring image accuracy, and give you the enjoyment of a clearer vision.

It comes in various stylish designs varying from square, round, rectangular, to aviator so you can choose according to your attitude, style, and facial features. The lenses are finished with colorful hues to choose from, which bring you a colorful mood. Hurry up! Get yours now a must-have style!

Frame Color
Frame Size
Frame Size
  • Large
  • Narrow
Frame Type
Lens Color
Lens Type
Lens Type
  • Cat 3
  • CAT 4
  • Dark
  • Mirror
  • Polarized
  • Super Dark
  • Aviator
  • Color
  • Flat Top
  • Mirror