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Category 4 Sunglasses

Summer is just around the corner! All you need this summer is cool and trendy sunglasses to stay protective. Category 4 sunglasses are perfect to flatter your timeless and versatile style in summer. These sunglasses highlight a high-quality frame, super Dark property to enhance your visual experience, and protect you from UV rays of the sun.

Never compromise on the quality and the latest trend of sunglasses. It comes in many different attractive frame shapes to choose from and complete your overall look. So why are you still waiting for?  Grab yours now! Stay cool and active!

Frame Color
Frame Color
  • White
Frame Size
Frame Type
Lens Type
Lens Type
  • Biker
  • Aviator
  • Classic
  • Classics
  • Flat Top
  • Large
  • Old School
  • Retro Classics
  • Skull
  • Square
  • Wrap